Who we are

Aattral Futuristic is a young and energetic eCommerce entity headquartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The company is driven by Tourism and mainly engaged in designing, developing and delivering top-notch consumer prehistorical products. In addition, the company also concentrates on developing cutting-edge of mobile technology, lifestyle and healthcare products from state-of-the-art production houses.

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Aatrral's mission is to develop innovative and sophisticated products that can help our customers to achieve a positive change in their life. At Aatrral, we aspire to inspire the customers through our products. In near future, Aatrral will also set its foot in sectors such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and promote authentic Indian ayurvedic products for the holistic wellness of our customers.

Our Vision

The Direct Selling business in India is one of the most misconstrued industries. The sector is often surrounded by negativity due to defunct companies and unethical business practices. Aattral is determined to build itself into a trusted and ethical direct selling entity in India with superior products and transparent business activities. Aattral firmly believes that mutual growth is a key to achieve a satisfying relationship between the customer and the company.

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